International Institute of Basic Sciences (IIBS)
  1. Nano-mission Project of DST, New Delhi for setting up Green synthesis for Nanomaterials (200.00 Lakhs)- Completed
  2. World Bank Funded Project under TEQIP for setting up Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory (100.00 Lakhs)- completed
  3. UGC Project for further investigation on polytypic Materials (8.00 Lakhs)- Completed
  4. DST, New Delhi Project for development of low cost machinery using nano dimond wires. (70.00 Lakhs)- Yet to start
  5. Fabrication of Magnesium oxide Nanomaterials in KAU, Saudi Arabia (90.00 Lakhs)- Completed
Dr. M.A. Shah, NIT Srinagar - Kashmir (India)
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